Tupajumi and HeavyMerryFinland have selected 25 artworks (the longlist) that will be send to the jurymembers to create the shortlist (the 5 finalists).

Artworks (in random order)

“Lie Back” by Noami Gilby, United Kingdom
“Cynisism arrived on horseback” by Rieneke de Vries, The Netherlands
“Pizzaboy” by Bert Frings, The Netherlands
“Europa” by Henrik Hentschel, Switzerland
“Opening” by Ian Shatilla, Canada
”Abstract Landscape” by Marie Mons, France
“A fleeting room” by Sarah Janssen, The Netherlands
”Beton 01″ by Olga Doulkeridou, Greece
“Cigarette lighter/Pacific 1″ by Swaantje Güntzel, Germany
“stlllf blue” by Martijn Grooten, The Netherlands
“Coding very sophisticated” by Maya Sikorska, Germany
“Saint George 3.3″ by Mark Beerens, The Netherlands
“DRAWING” by Hajime Yamada, Japan
“Reconstruction” by John Colenbrander, Greece
“The Colors Flow Slowly Through My Body (Skin)” by Taro Furukata, Germany
“NOW” by Alicia Eggert, USA
“Re:****Sitruuna ja meduusa” by J. Andean & M. Nieminen , Finland
“Start making conference calls today” by Roy Aurinko, Finland
“Landscaping #03″ by Pim Top, The Netherlands
“Swim #1″ by Jeroen Arians, The Netherlands
“I Think That Way” by Maarten Bel, The Netherlands
“Weep not for me, O mother” by Joel Autio,Finland
“For Too Long” by S. M. Paananen Tero Ulvila, Finland
“Tree” by Andreas Krook, Sweden
“Turbo” by Lars Holmström, Finland

The data from the 25 artworks has been send to the jury-members,
they will select the 5 finalists that will be presented in Athens.

We will keep you posted the moment the 5 finalists are selected.

For those of you that, unfortunately, did not make it to the longlist,
we thank you for making the TFHMF award 2015 possible and
we sincerely hope to see you again next year!

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