Great News that you registered for the TFHMF award 2015!
In order to finalize your registration we need to receive the application fee.

The Fee for entering the TFHMF award is:
1 artwork: € 15.- (approx. 17 US$)
2 artworks: € 30.- (approx. 34 US$)
3 artworks: € 25.- (approx. 28 US$)

** You can pay with PayPal/ Credit card (click logo)


You will be redirected to a new website


** or transfer the fee to this European Bank account number:
Please make sure to include your TFHMF award Submission ID (see e-mail)

Tupajumi foundation (1 of the organizers, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Triodos Bank (The Netherlands)
IBAN: NL92TRIO0390350826

When your fee has been received & verified
this might take some days)
You will receive a confirmation email that you have entered the TFHMFaward 2015 a.s.a.p.


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