During the Supermarket Art fair in Stockholm we presented the 6 finalists of the TFHMF award 2014.

With a crew of 5 people we promoted all the finalists 12 hours a day for 3 days long explainging the visitors as much as possible regarding the background of the finalists and the selected artworks. While trying to raise as much prize-money at the same time.

Finalists/ Shortlist Nominees:
(in random order)

1 – Moritz Fingerhut – “All National Anthems Of The World
2 – Daan den Houter – “Cais do Sodré
3 – Johannes Langkamp – “videosketches 2012
4 – Ville-Veikko Viikilä – “Reformation
5 – Lukas Marxt – “Reign of Silence
6 – Pia Sirén – “Cross-Section

By voting for an artist you could directly influence the outcome of the TFHMF award 2014, Your vote also added to the amount of prize money which the winner received. All the money raised directly went to the Winner of the TFHMF award 2014! Lukas Marxt






Click the photo to watch “Reign of silence” or click here to go to his website for more information.







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