Terms & conditions are not ready yet for the 2015 edition.
This document will be timestamped on the 25th of February 2015

Key Dates:
– 1 May 2015 – Deadline for entries by 24.00hrs
– 8 May 2015 – Longlist announced & All participants informed on results.
– 4-7 June 2015 – Exhibition at Platforms Project @ Art-Athina
– 7 June 2015- TFHMF Award Winner 2015 announced at 18.00hrs.


ART. 1 – Goals
ART. 2 – Techniques
ART. 3 – Jury
ART. 4 – Prizes
ART. 5 – Application fee
ART. 6 – Conditions of participation
ART. 7 – Selection Process
ART. 8 – Responsibilities
ART. 9 – Agreement
ART. 10 – Transportation

Tupajumi Foundation and HeavyMerryFinland are teaming up to organize the TFHMF award for the second time. The goal of this award is to promote the work of the contestants and that of the finalists and winner in particular.

The Prize is open to all Artists, with no restrictions of age, sex, nationality or any other qualifications. Each artist can participate with one, two or three artworks. Below some technical details:

Painting: works realized with technical and stylistic freedom (oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolor, graphite, pencil, collage, etc.) on any support (canvas, paper, wood, plastics, iron, etc.). The maximum size allowed for each work is 175 cm for one side. (max size, transport) It is possible to submit polyptycs as one single work, as long as they fall within the overall 175 cm; they must be submitted as multiple works if the total size exceeds 175 cm.

Sculpture and Installation: works created with any organic or inorganic material. Works can include sounds, lights, videos, mechanical or electrical movements. The maximum size allowed for each work is: base 1.5 meters, depth 1.5 meters, height 2 meters, and 150 kg weight limit.

Photographic Art: photographs on analog or digital support, photos including digital elaborations. It is possible to submit series of photographs as one single work, as long as the whole series falls within the overall 175 cm; they must be submitted as multiple works if the total size exceeds 175 cm

Video Art: videos, films and works made with any animation techniques on any digital and analog support. Works can last 60 minutes at most, opening titles and closing credits included. For the final exhibition artists have to send the original works saved on DVD or USB in high quality and in formats compatible with the mostly used reading systems.

Performance: Every artist or group of artists can participate with one or more performances, using any technique, expressive form and with the use of any support materials provided by the artist. Finalist artists will perform live on the opening night, in a version which does not exceed 30 minutes. Copyright and SIAE rights must be provided for works that include non original music or images, if necessary.

Virtual and Digital Art: works entirely created using the computer or digital applications and devices: images, videos, installations, performances in which the use of digital media plays a key role in the creative process and content; net art, software, smart-phone or tablet applications, interactive devices, video-games, augmented reality projects, rapid prototyping, etc.

ART. 3  JURY 2015
The selection of the submitted artworks will be made by an international jury composed of 7 members: (in random order and list is growing..)

Max Presneill
Director/Curator at Torrance Art Museum, LA, United States.

Sari Palosaari
Finnish Artist, www.saripalosaari.com, Helsinki, Finland.

Andreas Ribbung,
Project Manager Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden.

Iris van Dongen
Dutch Artist, www.artnews.org/irisvandongen, Berlin, Germany.

Heikki Marila
Finnish Artist, www.heikkimarila.fi , Turku, Finland.

Naomi Campbell
Canadian Artist, www.naomicampbellartprojects.com, New York, USA.

Annina Sirén
Project Manager/Curator, Turku Art Museum, Turku, Finland

The endowment of the Prize is thus divided:
All the artworks entered will be made public on our website.
The long-listed artworks will be on view via a video loop in our booth at the art fair.
The 5 finalists (anonymous selected by the jury) will be able to show their work in the Tupajumi Foundation/HeavyMerryFinland booth at the Platforms at Art Athina 2015.
1 of these 5 finalists will be chosen as the winner by the visitors of the art fair and will win the Crowd funded Cash Award. The total amount of this cash prize will be raised during the TFHMF award campaign and during the Platforms at Art Athina 2015.  Note– We will do as much as possible to get this high as possible.

Entry is only by on-line submission through the TFHMFaward website, and deadline for entry is by 24.00hrs on the 1 May 2015 which equals (2 May 00.00hrs)
Members and Family members of both the organizing parties & the jury are excluded from taking part in the TFHMF Award.
In order to participate an application fee is required (the height of the fee is determined in relation of the amount of artworks entered)

The payment of the application fee can be made as following: After you have submitted your entry, You will receive an e-mail from the organization with details on how to pay. This can be done by either PayPal, via Creditcard or via a bank-transfer.

The application fee is:
15€ for 1 artwork,
30€ for 2 artworks
25€  for 3 artworks
(You have not misread)

– The Application Fee is used to support the organization expenses (booth rental, flight, accommodation, etc, etc.)
– All the organizational work for the TFHMF award is completely done by volunteers and in a non profit manner.
– The Application Fee will not be reimbursed.

The selection will be made in three stages:

Tupajumi Foundation and HeavyMerryFinland will create a long-list of 25 candidates out of all the entries.
The jury-members (mentioned above) will bring this back to 5 finalists (The shortlist) of whom the artworks will be shown at the Tupajumi Foundation/HeavyMerryFinland booth at Platforms @ Art Athina Art fair 2015.
The public/ audience/ visitors will determine who will be the overall winner thus winning the Crowd-funded Cash Award. (by voting on their favorite artwork).

Tupajumi Foundation & HeavyMerryFinland, while guaranteeing the greatest care and custody of the artworks but they will not be liable for any thefts or any damages to artworks during the exhibition or during transport.  The insurance of the artworks is the responsibility of the Artists.

The decisions of the Awarding Jury are irrevocable and unquestionable. The awarded artists have the right to renounce the prizes, but without asking Tupajumi Foundation and/or HeavyMerryFinland any kind of compensation. In that case the prize will be re-assigned according to the ranking made by the jury.

Each artist gives to Tupajumi Foundation and HeavyMerryFinland the rights of photographic reproduction of the artworks and texts for the realization of a possible catalog, the archive of applications, the publication of the artworks on the website of the Prize and other forms of communication and activities of the organization.

The winning artists are themselves responsible for the transportation/shipping of their artwork to and from the art fair **. After the presentation, the artworks will return to the participant a.s.a.p.
Tupajumi Foundation and HeavyMerryFinland will help with packing & shipping. Tupajumi Foundation and HeavyMerryFinland are unable to pay for the artists to be present at the art fair.

** Note: (2 April 2015)
Tupajumi Foundation and HeavyMerryFinland are doing our utmost to resolve the (art 8 & art. 10) issue but we don’t have the funds yet,  it remains crowdfunding :-),

It all depends on the amount of participants and the funding we have applied for to cover for these costs .

Last Year we were fully able to arrange transport, but we can’t promise it yet for this years edition. Meanwhile, we are setting up two collection points to which the finalists can send their work. (Rotterdam, The Netherlands & Helsinki, Finland)

Just to make it clear to everybody,  we are doing this project fore free! All the organizational work for the TFHMF award by the Tupajumi foundation, HeavyMerryFinland and the jury-members is completely done on a voluntary base and in a non profit manner.

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